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Global Art Daily is a publication dedicated to the UAE's growing art scene, contextualized for a new global generation of artists and art enthusiasts.

Born in Abu Dhabi in 2015, Global Art Daily (GAD) is a digital publication covering the latest contemporary art exhibitions in the UAE, the GCC region, and beyond. From the Emirates to the world, we highlight exceptional artists showing in exceptional venues. Our editors and contributors are located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, New York, London, Venice, and Tokyo.

Some of the artists we interviewed include Michèle Lamy, Refik Anadol, Shirin Neshat, Slavs & Tatars, Hashel Al Lamki, Rintaro Fuse, and many, many more.

We also publish limited-edition print publications, printed in Japan, distributed worldwide at selected stockists.

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Printed editions

GAD Print Publication Artist Interviews - Christopher Joshua Benton - March 2023. 26 pp, F

Key information

Bi-annual digital publication

City-based E-Issues

100+ artists and exhibitions featured

17+ cities

1000+ monthly readers

2500+ digital audience of artists, collectors, and arts professionals in the UAE, U.S., and Asia

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Multiple viewpoints, one story

Global Art Daily was created for visual artists who do not neatly fit into a single ethnic or thematic identity: multidisciplinary, multilingual, and multicultural artists are the backbone of our publication and agency.

A common thread unites the stories of our featured artists: the story of the 21st-century global citizen, well-traveled, curious, and ready to leave their mark on a changing world. 

All roads lead back to the UAE

After 100+ interviews, exhibition reviews, and editorial photoshoots, we have taken our readers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, Sharjah, Riyadh, Cairo, New York, Tokyo, Istanbul, Belgrade, Shanghai, Sydney, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Berlin, London, and more.


We have also remained loyal to our UAE-based readership, as GAD has become the platform of choice for many emerging artists, curators, and writers to reflect on the growing contemporary art scene of the Emirates.

Growth and collaboration

Read by cultural influencers and decision-makers, we have built a community of art professionals and art enthusiasts one conversation at a time.


Specializing in long-format artist interviews and in-depth exhibition reviews, our goal is to archive the UAE's contemporary art scene while it experiences unprecedented growth. As such, we hope to become a living archive of exhibitions and initiatives – materializing conversations and moments in time while they happen in front of our eyes.

Stay curious, stay global

Our motto has always been: "Stay curious, stay global."

The art world is smaller than we think. By maintaining an open mind and the utmost respect for our counterparts, we strive to maintain long-term relationships with the institutions, galleries, artist studios, and curators we work with.

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