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Artist Interviews

Christopher Joshua Benton

May 2023

GAD Print Publication Artist Interviews - Christopher Joshua Benton - March 2023. 26 pp, F

On the day of the closing of “Worked (So and So and On On and So On and So On),” Christopher Benton reflects on the exhibition that took place between August and October 2021 in Al Ain, UAE, at the Art Space in Al Jimi Mall.

GAD Print Publications Artist Interviews: Christopher Joshua Benton

"The Labor of Art and the Art of Labor: Christopher Benton on His First Exhibition in Al Ain", by NiccolòAcram Cappelletto, originally published for Global Art Daily E-Issues 03++, Fall 2021-22

Sold by Global Art Daily Agency LLZ FZ

First edition, 15 copies

Clip-bound, 24 pages

Printed in Japan

May 2023

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