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Built for a new global generation

Global Art Daily Agency is a contemporary art agency covering publishing and curatorial activities. Born in Abu Dhabi in 2015, Global Art Daily is one of the rare independent publications dedicated to contemporary art in the UAE.


We aim to be a platform for artists, curators, writers, researchers, designers, art directors, architects, content creators, and other creatives worldwide, to create together exceptional artistic moments in our home of Dubai, UAE.


Our curators, art advisors, and contributors are both 'cool-hunters' and academically-inclined. They are globally-minded, often come from mixed cultural backgrounds themselves, highlighting artworks that spark cross-cultural pollination.  

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Between our partners in the UAE, the broader Arab World, Europe, and Japan, we seek genuine and long-lasting relationships between our contributors, readers, artists, and institutions supporting us.

With privileged relationships in the global art world, we develop cross-cultural dialogues between the UAE and other art scenes through contemporary art exhibitions.

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Artist Hashel Al Lamki with Sophie Mayuko Arni, Sensu Lato Artist Talk, 24 May 2022. Tabar

Why look West when you can look East? I believe the art sector in the UAE can benefit from a Japanese touch.
– Sophie Mayuko Arni


Global Art Daily (GAD) is born within the student residences of NYU Abu Dhabi on Saadiyat Island as an independent publication covering global art news from the UAE. 


GAD's Founder Sophie Mayuko Arni curates her first "East-East: UAE meets Japan" exhibition at NYU Abu Dhabi Project Space.


"East-East: UAE meet Japan" goes on for a second and third edition at CHI-KA Space, Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. Global Art Daily has its first pop-up shop at Salwa Zeidan Gallery, St Regis Saadiyat Island Resort.


Global Art Daily Magazine launches with two printed issues in Tokyo, Japan – sold at T-Site Daikanyama (Tokyo), Artbook @ MoMA PS1 (New York), and The Third Line Bookshop (Dubai).

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Launch of Global Art Daily E-Issues, a city-based digital publication for arts, design & culture, and GAD Talk Series Series 1, featuring emerging voices of the UAE art scene.


Sophie Mayuko Arni curates "East-East: UAE meets Japan Vol.4: The Curio Shop" in Tokyo, Japan, with 15 artists from the GAD network, including Emirati, Bahraini, Japanese, and Chinese artists. 


Global Art Daily partners with The Fiker Institute, a Dubai-based think tank, for a series of research essays entitled "The UAE's Contemporary Art Scene: Global Networks of Intellectual & Creative Exchange".


Sophie Mayuko Arni curates "East-East: UAE meets Japan Vol.5: Atami Blues" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of UAE-Japan diplomatic relations.


Global Art Daily Agency is formed in Dubai, UAE.

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