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Artworks connecting the UAE to the world

We source and install artworks from contemporary artists from Japan, the Americas, Europe, and the Arab World in exceptional venues across the UAE.

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From left to right: Ximena Alarcon, Shōei Matsuda, Christopher Joshua Benton. Images: Courtesy of the artists.





Private Collections

Art for Real Estate

Art for Landmarks

Our network of 100+ artists is both multicultural and multidisciplinary, with works ranging from paintings to sculptures to photography to digital art.  

Concept-driven curation, museum-quality installation, original artwork commissions, finest craftsmanship – delivered seamlessly within tight deadlines.

Celebrating landmark architecture, we provide site-specific commissions and acquisitions of exceptional works for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 


GAD Highlights: 
Vincent Ruijters, "Cave Inside The Body of Shadows"

In March 2023, CAVE-AYUMI GALERY – a contemporary art gallery located in Tokyo – presented a solo exhibition by artist Vincent Ruijters entitled Cave Inside the Body of Shadows. Cave Inside The Body of Shadows is a kinetic light installation that transforms the space into an artificial “inverse” sundial. Light mimicking the course of the sun throughout the day, brings portraits to life through an interplay of shadows and reflection. Shadow is used as a way to express the intangibility and transformation of both one's identity as well as how someone experiences the other.


The artist Vincent Ruijters uses his personal history as his main source of inspiration. Ruijters, who has lived in Japan for over 8 years, has Chinese-Indonesian and Dutch roots. These three facets of identity—that he observes as carriers of shared cultural heritage—influence all layers of the exhibition and performance. The use of shadows is also inspired by the Indonesian shadow puppetry Wayang Kulit (which literally means "shadow" or "imagination").



Vincent Ruijters (b.1988 in The Hague, The Netherlands) is an artist who focuses on the phenomenology of intimacy and (ethnic) identity. His work explores how contemporaneity shifts and morphs these phenomena. Through his art he intends to establish new levels of understanding—and perhaps some form of ‘peacemaking’—with these morphed bonds. The context of his work is rooted in his research on ‘Aesthetics of Intimacy’. By crossing boundaries of inner space and outer public space, his goal is also to challenge notions of intimacy. In the form of his work, he aims for a synthesis between the poetic, conceptual and technological. Ruijters is also active as a curator. Ruijters obtained a PhD in Intermedia Art at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Past exhibitions include solo exhibition ‘Breathing IN/EX-terior’ (Komagome SOKO gallery, Tokyo) and group exhibitions ‘Ars Electronica 2021’, ‘Radical Observers’ group exhibition (Akibatamabi gallery, 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, 2019). Curatorial activities include ‘Mimicry of Hollows’ (The 5th Floor, Tokyo, 2021) and ‘To Defeat the Purpose: Guerilla Tactics in Latin American Art’ (Aoyama Meguro Gallery, Tokyo, 2020) Awards include Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) and the Prins Berhard Culture fund Scholarship.


Individual Works


Cave Inside The Body of Shadows: Vincent

Medium: Acrylic Gouache on Acrylic mirror

Edition of: 1

Dimensions: 68.5 x 47 cm

Date: 2023


Cave Inside The Body of Shadows: Miu

Medium: Acrylic Gouache on Acrylic mirror

Edition of: 1

Dimensions: 47 x 86 cm

Date: 2023


Cave Inside The Body of Shadows: Timmie

Medium: Acrylic Gouache on Acrylic mirror

Edition of: 1

Dimensions: 47 x 56 cm

Date: 2023


Vincent Ruijters, Cave Inside The Body of Shadows, Cave - Ayumi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Installation views. March 2023. Photography by Naoki Takehisa. Image courtesy of the artist.

We select and source artworks from our network of contemporary artists from all four corners of the world for private collections. We also commission impactful artworks for public spaces and work closely with artists and production teams across continents.  

Our focus:


Our services include:

  • Curation of exhibitions for office buildings, public spaces, hotels, and retail facilities

  • Art advisory for private collections 

  • Research and writing

  • Editorial features and interviews

  • Artwork production and facilitation

  • Artwork installation, both indoors and outdoors

  • Opening event preparation

  • Talks and cultural programming

  • Press and PR  

  • Community engagement 

  • Digital activations, including AR (Augmented Reality) artwork filters

Why work with us?

  1. Concept, first

  2. Collaboration, always

  3. Working with both established and emerging artists from the UAE, Japan, and beyond

  4. Production across continents

  5. Multidisciplinary research

  6. Seamless A-to-Z production 

  7. Cultural strategy

  8. Custom-built and museum-quality installations

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