Island 6's Liu Dao: Digital Art in Shanghai

- By Sophie Arni

Stepping into the gallery halls of Island 6 was a thrilling experience. Island 6 is a digital enclave in the middle of Shanghai's M50 gallery district. It stands as one of the largest and most well-designed gallery spaces of the gallery cluster. On view was the latest exhibition of the artist collective in residence and founders of the gallery: Liu Dao. This Shanghai-based collective deals primarily with digital art, and pushes public conception about what kind of visual experiences are possible thanks to LED lights, jpg collages, computer programming, and a little magic. The subject matter they tackle with takes from Chinese porcelain history, from the fetishization of the oriental Chinese women in the colonial era, and the fast urban development of Shanghai.

I recommend all digital art fans to look at Island 6's work via their website.

Liu Dao, The Geometry of Binary Life

September 28, 2017 - ongoing

Island 6, M50, Shanghai, China

All images were taken at the exhibition venue.

#shanghai #eastasia