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Painting, Installation, Video Art, Photography, New Media Art


BIEN (b. 1993, Tokyo) is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. He graduated from Tama Art University in 2017.


BIEN primarily uses drawing and painting to represent his abstract reaction to street culture and animation. Focusing on the forms created by fictional characters such as those in anime, as well as letters, and symbols, the artist develops abstract expressions that dismantle and reassemble their forms and original meanings.


In 2016, he participated in 'Living, Daylights, Room', group exhibition at Anagra Gallery. He also participated in SIDE CORE's project 'Road · Line · Figure' at Gallery TRAX, Yamanashi and 'Reborn-Art Festival' held in Ishinomaki (2017). Other group exhibitions include 'New Art Festival 2017: Loneliness of 150 years' in Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture (2017), ’Rebel Without a Cause' at the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2018). In 2018, he also held his first solo exhibition at Block House, Tokyo entitled 'Woozy Wizard' where he presented his canvases, drawings as well as a large floor installation. Three years later, he held ‘DUSKDAWNDUST’, two solo exhibitions at Parcel and Island Japan (2021).

He recently participated in PROJECT ATAMI artist residence (2022) and together with Kenta Ishige, he exhibited "アペルト17 SCAN THE WORLD [NEW GAME]"  at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (2022-23).

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